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Make It So!

Personalized consultation to explore, develop, and test your ideas, views, and solutions.


All consultations take place with Dr Todd Mei, whose extensive background and research in meaningful work can help individuals and businesses diagnose problems, overcome obstacles, and find practical steps to make significant changes.

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To make the most of your consultation, ideally you will have complete some of our meaningful work diagnostic games so we can explore your results and build towards a plan of action. But if you're prepared for a deep dive without these tools, you can draw on our extensive research in philosophy, transition management, and economics.

Duration: 45 mins

Fee: $150



The first step is the hardest. Once you've recognized that your business needs to make a change in view of meaningful work, the rest is a process of discovery. Let's identify your goals and obstacles in order to create and cultivate a bespoke culture of meaningful work. There's no better a leg up on the competition than creating meaningfulness in the workplace.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $350



A bespoke podcasting experience designed to get you telling stories about your life in order to break through some life barriers or think through some difficult decisions. See our Storytelling page for more information.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $200

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