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“Tired of all the possibilities of it all” . . . 


. . . so says an infamous character from the 1998 film noir spoof Icarus Descending. I felt very much in the same position. As an academic philosopher, I found myself seeking other ways (apart from academic publication) to articulate and communicate the relevance of philosophical questions, ideas, answers, and debates.


The aim of Philosophy2U is to connect public and professional audiences to significant philosophical discussion about ideas and questions through different kinds of mediums. Philosophy is important, unavoidable even, because of its reflective and anticipatory nature. We cannot help but reflect on what we’ve done, whether it was good, meaningful, beautiful, or true. And we cannot opt out of looking ahead at what we want to achieve and help others to achieve. 


The writings on Philosophy2U are philosophically informed. Though in keeping with the spirit of public philosophy, ideas will be made accessible to non-specialist audiences. The mediums by which this public endeavor is nurtured:


  • Philosophy by Blog is designed to promote dialogical discussion in spirit of public reasoning—that is, to explore questions and answers with others respectfully and hospitably.


  • Philosophy by Story presents philosophical themes through narratives. Imagination is an important feature of being able to think critically and constructively.


  • Philosophy by Consultation offers businesses an opportunity to re-think and revise their missions, structures, and cultures in view of ethical agency, the goods of excellence and efficiency, and how their organization contributes to meaningfulness and flourishing (not just human!). 


For a sample portfolio of writing, please see here.

Dr Todd S. Mei

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I'm a philosopher who has taken a practical and creative turn by applying my knowledge and wisdom to public issues (blogs), in creative writing (stories), and as an expert  for businesses seeking advice on virtue ethics and meaningful work (consultation).

I'm an award-winning academic with a broad range of experience in leadership, technical, and professional roles as head of the philosophy department (University of Kent), claims adjuster, and general manager of a small business. I have more than 10 years' experience identifying and applying philosophical research in ethics, meaningful work, and hermeneutics to public and private sector organizations. Focused consultation for local and international businesses on virtue ethics, public reasoning, communication, and meaningful work.

For more on my profession qualifications, please see my LinkedIn profile.

When not reflecting and writing, I can usually be found windsurfing or rock climbing.

BA in English Literature, University of California, Berkeley (1994)

PhD in Philosophy of Religion, University of Kent (2008)

Invited Talks

  • "Is Work Linguistic?", Keynote for The Significance of Work Conference, University of Tilburg, Netherlands (Aug 2021)

  • "What Is Meaningful Work?", Hermeneutics in Real Life, USA (May 2021).

  • "Virtues in the Workplace", Kent Innovation and Enterprise, University of Kent, United Kingdom (October 2018).

  • "Is Work Metaphorical?" Beyond Engagement? Prospects for Meaningful Work in Twenty First Century Economies, Said Business School , Oxford University, United Kingdom (March 2015).

Select Academic Publications


For a complete list of academic publications, click here.