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About Us

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Making Philosophy Practical

At Philosophy2u, we're in the business of bringing philosophical concepts into the service of everyday life and business. Philosophy can positively transform individuals and organizations through its method of analysis, reflection, and insight.


We're a team of practically-minded academics with a long history of consultation and public outreach. We're here to share our knowledge, skills, and expertise for your benefit. 


Our Story

It's often joked at recruitment events when someone expresses an interest in philosophy, "Good luck getting a job with that degree!"

Yet in my years of working in the private and public sectors, I've seen that those with philosophical backgrounds are the ones who often contribute the most in terms of original and far-reaching analyses and problem-solving.

Philosophy is not just academic. The philosophical spirit of engagement is one born of careful scrutiny mixed with an eye on innovation. It's a process of understanding "what is" in order to change it.


I founded Philosophy2u as an open-access thought resource to help individuals and organizations make the changes and transformations they recognize are necessary.

Let us bring Philosophy to you!


Todd Mei, PhD


Meet The Team

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