With over 16 years of research and teaching in higher education, and with a variety of “real world” experience in business, management, and negotiation, I live to bring philosophy to life and action to enable others to realize their goals.

I founded Philosophy2u with just this mission in mind!


Whether it’s questions about the nature of existence, the meaningfulness of work, how the economy functions, or what it means to act ethically, I welcome bringing my knowledge and friendly teaching style to just about any practical problem.


My experience includes:

  • business consultation on meaningful work and personal development

  • philosophical coaching for students wanting to explore specific topics in more depth

  • delivering educational content and strategies for economic and financial organizations

  • facilitating self-reflection through narrative-based learning and interpretation for those seeking a new career path or life change


I genuinely believe that philosophy can raise your game by helping you to see things from significantly different and beneficial perspectives.


Let philosophy and Philosophy2u help you discover more and be more!

credentials & experience

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  • PhD, Philosophy of Religion (University of Kent, UK)

  • BA, English Literature (University of California, Berkeley, USA)


Academic Appointments

  • Associate Professor, Philosophy (University of Kent, UK); 2018-20

  • Head of Philosophy, Philosophy (University of Kent, UK); 2016-20

  • Assistant Professor, Philosophy (University of Dundee, UK); 2012-15

  • President of the Society for Ricoeur Studies (USA); 2016-18


Public & Private Sector Work

  • Coaching at Philosophy2u (2018-present) and Art of the Bubble (2020-present)

  • Podcaster & Editor for Living Philosophy (2021-present)

  • Public Orator (University of Kent, UK); 2018-20


In my leisure time, I enjoy windsurfing, surfing, and climbing.

Invited Talks

  • "Is Work Linguistic?", Keynote for The Significance of Work Conference, University of Tilburg, Netherlands (Aug 2021)

  • "What Is Meaningful Work?", Hermeneutics in Real Life, USA (May 2021).

  • "Virtues in the Workplace", Kent Innovation and Enterprise, University of Kent, United Kingdom (October 2018).

  • "Is Work Metaphorical?" Beyond Engagement? Prospects for Meaningful Work in Twenty First Century Economies, Said Business School , Oxford University, United Kingdom (March 2015).

Select Academic Publications


For a complete list of academic publications, click here.

For a sample portfolio of writing, please see here.