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How To Make Work Meaningful
P2U Diagnostic Courses & Tools

Language possesses deep resources that are not immediately reducible to knowledge.

At the highest degree, the corrective function of the word consists in endowing work with a social meaning.

— Paul Ricoeur

What We're About

At P2U we believe in the power of articulation — whether it's the written word or through conversation. Articulating your ideas, thoughts, and stories in writing helps one to gain a better understanding of your context, situation, and aspirations.


Our diagnostic tools and games help create the fertile ground for insights and meaningful changes to emerge.


So, much of our exercises and practices will involve some work!

How You'll Develop & Change

You'll be asked to spend time reflecting on questions and topics, and then to articulate them in some form. It's nothing like homework. It's a process of engaged reflection to get a new perspective on life and work.

Find the Right Resource

P2U has everything from free quizzes to involved workbooks suitable for individuals or an entire workforce!

Click on the images below to find out more about our specific courses and tools.

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