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Roland Lucas
Physical Therapist

After 30 years of making my work my life, switching careers would have been impossible without the help of Dr Todd Mei.


He helped me realize that my value to an organization is uncoupled from my technical skills.


Dr Mei was instrumental in my acceptance that my career had become detrimental to my body and soul and leveraging my current skills into a new “profession”.


Valerie Noble
Literary Agent

I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dr. Mei on his podcast, Living Philosophy.


Our discussion of my experience as a literary agent was an opportunity to reflect on my past choices, my path forward, and my willingness to welcome change in my life.

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Andrei Ionut Damian, Ph.D.
Chief Research Officer

Having spent over five years in the research and development of our AI Operating System, we were astounded by Dr. Todd Mei's capacity to effectively interpret our intricate AI and decentralized distributed platform concept.

He successfully transformed this complexity into a commercially digestible yet impeccably scientifically synthesized lite paper. Alongside this, he contributed his own insights and leveraged his profound comprehension of the contemporary high-tech market, enhancing our overall understanding of the landscape.


Simon Rees-Goddard 
Founding Partner

Todd brought specific expertise and knowledge to create an approach that got the desired outcome we needed for transforming our corporate ethos.


What did we need and what did we get? A meaningful culture grounded in a flat organizational structure.

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