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Engaging & Accessible Resources

Philosophy is not the easiest subject to learn, but we break down ideas and debates so you can gain the most insight according to your time commitments. We have everything from brief video episodes to podcasts perfect to listen to and reflect on while taking a long walk or enduring a commute. And for the hardened academic, we have a repository of articles representing leading research in our respective fields.

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P2U on YouTube

We have our own YouTube channel where we provide a variety of videos covering bits of philosophy -- or Phil Bits -- and practical tips for writing and articulating your ideas. Click on the image to check it out!

Podcast: Living Philosophy

Available wherever you stream content, Living Philosophy explores the inspiring second lives of people who have made major changes to their lives; it also discusses philosophical ideas that matter with specialists in their fields. Entirely accessible, entirely public! Just click on image to listen on Buzzsprout!

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Academic Articles

We're good at what we do! If you're steeped in academic research, then you're likely to find a selection of team publications providing clarity and insight.

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