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Essays & Talks


Is Work Linguistic?

by Todd Mei

A keynote speech given at the Significance of Work conference, Tilburg University, the Netherlands (Aug 26-27, 2021). It examines how work can be understood to be linguistic according to a version of Paul Ricoeur's theories of metaphor and his theory of action based on speech acts. It is a summation of my research on the hermeneutics of work in a more reader-friendly form.

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More Than Blogs!


From the Ground Up:

Understanding Bitcoin for High School Students

by Todd Mei

Admittedly ambitious for a high school course, but I was often asked how to teach what Bitcoin is to young students. This article is more like a text to be read and taught from than a straight-up information piece.

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Metaphysics & Epistemology Project (Coming Soon!)

Graeme Forbes & Todd Mei (eds.)


An open-access textbook looking at metaphysics and epistemology in relation to such topics as pregnancy, mind reading, education, social groups, work, money, love, sex, family, illness, and death.