Pig Terrorism


By Todd Mei


Terror comes in many forms! Given the extraordinary times, what's needed is an unconventional fast-paced short novel that invites the reader to see the human race as presenting its own distinct threat to life when it faces an unexpected challenge from another animal species. 


A sci-fi novella, Pig Terrorism, involves two worlds on earth—one human and above ground, and one pig and below ground. Pigs evolve to gain a human type consciousness and struggle with finding their own sense of identity and life. Of course, the two worlds collide . . . 


Pig Terrorism (approx. 40,000 words) is intellectually satisfying with plenty of action that is never gratuitous. The pig characters are driven by a distinct philosophical curiosity which takes many shapes and manifestations—through character dialogue, creative uses of other literary genres within the story, and plot twists. Follow the terror and you will see yourself alongside the four pig characters as they reveal themselves to be more humane than both their human counterparts and the other pigs who see no other way forward but a war of pig against human. By the end of the story, you may very well find yourself believing that pigs do the thing called “living” better than humans ever could!


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