Philosophical facilitation

Philosophical Facilitation is the use of discussion, critical analysis, reflection, and interpretation to better understand anything from systems, roles, values, ideas, aims, and identities.

As a philosopher, I have over 16 years of training and experience in teaching, research, public speaking, and interviewing.

So what can Philosophical Facilitation do for you?

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Exploring Ideas that Matter to Well-being, Development, and Psychology


I conduct seminars for your employees on ideas that matter to a sense of identity, esteem, and capability.


Whether it's understanding empathy, how to practice values, or learning more about negotiation, I bring a uniquely dialogical style of exploration and learning based on philosophical techniques and materials.

My seminars are not instructional, but explorative and practical.


Learning Outcome

Understanding key aspects of an idea or topic in order to make it practicable in everyday responsibilities and actions.

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Working Philosophy Podcasts

Based on my Living Philosophy podcast series, this unique work counterpart has your employees as my guests to discuss and reflect on how their lives have gone. My style of podcasting brings out the best in storytelling in order for my guests to get a new perspective on work and life.

Working Philosophy provides an excellent recorded memento as a means for further reflection and recollection. If your company and its employees decide the podcasts can be shared, the archive forms an invaluable resource for bonding and co-worker visibility.


Learning Outcome

Personal development through storytelling, discussing, and sharing.

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