Philosophical Dialoging

[A]ll labor is collaboration, that is, work which is not only shared but communicated to others. Thus, low efficiency and fatigue are influenced by the deterioration of human relations . . . 

Paul Ricoeur

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Is your organization looking for help with problem-solving cultural and structural issues from someone who can be a catalyst for innovation and thinking outside the box?

I engage in focused discussion with you and your stakeholders.


Philosophical Dialoging

  • provides workable solutions with respect to cultural practices, psychological expectations and development, and inter-personal relations;

  • is problem-solving through a community of inquiry that builds human relations through the practice of philosophical analysis and discussion.


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Philosophical Dialoging & Problem-Solving

Being a good philosopher does not mean having an answer for every problem. It's about knowing how to put oneself in the best relation to the subject at hand. I create a productive space for analysis, reasoning, innovation, and problem-solving.


Key Principles of Philosophical Dialoging

  1. Find the right questions to ask.

  2. Take the time to let the subject or problem at hand reveal as much of its nature as possible.

  3. Thinking always works best within a community of sincere and open-minded people.

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