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Do Pigs Eat Honey, Too?


Words by Todd Mei (author)

Illustrations by Giacomo Savani



Animal lives matter! And not just as proxies for human voices. Some of the best children’s books use animal characters not only to elicit compassion but as a way for children (and their parents) to see beyond themselves such that what was once perceived as a limitation is a strength. This was the motivation and aim of Do Pigs Eat Honey, Too? (ages 4-8) in which the main character is a furry pink pig, named Pastis, who becomes lost. He is rescued by a single mother bear and is mistaken to be a pink bear. Pastis eventually discovers that while he does not quite fit in as a bear, he has unique pig traits that have something meaningful to contribute to the wellbeing of the characters.


Do Pigs Eat Honey, Too? is that kind of children’s book which is spacious yet economic in its storytelling. This quality enables its message and conflict to connect with both children and their parents. To do this well, and to provide a layered story that can appeal to both children and parents, Do Pigs Eat Honey, Too? is patient and ponderous in creating atmosphere and compelling characters. The style of writing blends poetic turns of phrase (alliteration, onomatopoeia, metaphoric description) with a plot driven by action and short dialogue. It is approximately 1700 words.


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