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Where Meaningful Work meets a Meaningful Life

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Our Ethos

Philosophy2U is an education and consultation resource for reflection and transformation created by academic philosophers who have a passion for improving the world. We use our specialized knowledge and training to introduce solutions that can help better our everyday lives and practices. Whether at work or in your personal development, you'll discover with us the many ways in which meaningfulness can be more than the product of wishful thinking.

What Philosophy2U
Can Help You Discover

Meaningful Work

Does your work make you a better person?


We spend so much of our time working. Why shouldn't it therefore be a key part in how we learn and develop? Easy to think and say. The many dimensions of understanding meaningful work and the theoretical and structural hurdles blocking the way can be overwhelming when trying to change one's career or business. We provide a variety of resources—from articles and videos, to one-to-one engagements and consults.

Have a look at our bespoke blog series on meaningful work. We also have a forthcoming series of interviews with business leaders, consultants, and academics on "What Is Meaningful Work?".

Meaningful Life

The effort & desire To Be.


Finding meaningfulness in life is a balance between self-discovery and discovering the lives and stories of others. It can only happen when there is a genuine sense of openness to investigating life and a hospitality towards others. Visit our dedicated blog series on a Meaningful Life to begin your reflective journey!

Courses & Tools


Wisdom begins in wonder.


We're philosophers at heart . . . which means we're excellent at analysis, identifying problems that you may have missed, and discovering creative solutions. Build on our experience and knowledge to create your meaningful and unique work culture or mission. Work with Us!

Ideation is learning.


Philosophers aren't just good at analyzing and arguing, they make some of the best creative problem-solvers because they can draw on a wide range of concepts and methodologies in order to find the most appropriate "within the box" and "outside the box" solutions.

Have a look at our diagnostic courses and tools to help identify what it is you need. We're always here to help you build on those results with 1-to-1 consultations (see Work with Us).


Simon Rees-Goddard

Partner at Quorsus

"Todd (founder of P2U) brought specific expertise and knowledge to create an approach that got the desired outcome we needed for transforming our corporate ethos."

Meaningful Work

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