philosophical coaching

Personalized coaching to explore, develop, and test your ideas, views, and solutions.

  • Explore ideas

  • Test drive your views

  • Focus on academic debates and career development

  • Build a meaningful vision of the workplace


I provide personalized one-to-one discussion in a friendly, creative, yet critically-informed venue. Sessions are sorted according to an anticipated level of engagement.


If you’re not quite sure Philosophical Coaching is the right fit for you, contact me to book a free 30 minute consultation meet-and-greet.

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A quick 30 minute greet to get to know each other and whether or not my expertise and style of dialoging meets your needs.

Duration: 30 mins

Fee: Free



For students (pre-university) interested in exploring ideas about life, meaning, value, ethics, and more. Perfect for honing your views for an upcoming essay or personal statement!

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $25



For university students needing to supplement their academic research, get a better idea of how to write an argumentative essay, or navigate a career pathway in academia.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $30



For adults interested in furthering their understanding of relevant issues and questions, or in testing their views against the history of philosophy.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $50



For postgraduate students wanting to supplement and test their research, or focus on transitioning into/from academia.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $55



Do you need to find direction for a business or project? re-think your organizational culture? find the right idea to fit your plan? grow employee-focused initiatives based on personal development and meaningful work?

I have over 16 years of research and consultation in the areas of meaningful work, ethics, economics, and existentialism just waiting to make your professional workspace standout as a paragon of culture and practice.

Duration: 1 hr

Fee: $150