Philosophy by Consultation

consult (v.) /kuhn-suhlt/

from the Latin consultare "consult, take the advice of," frequentative of consulere "to take counsel, meet and consider," originally probably "to call together," as in consulere senatum "to gather the senate" (to ask for advice)

My Approach & Style as a Business Consultant

I have never been comfortable with using the term "consultant" to describe what I have to offer. I would not presume to know enough about your business or organization in order to advise you.

What I can do is initiate and nurture a process of self-discovery and unlocking greater potential.


The best moments of realization happen when people come together. I engage, inquire, and explore with the aim of actualizing the greatest potential of your business or organization.








In terms of style and technique, I provide my clients with a unique resource of knowledge and a creative energy formed from my training as a philosopher, public speaker, podcaster, athlete, and former coach of high school wrestling and indoor rock climbing.


If you are looking to find new perspectives and practices to build or enhance your working culture, please take the time to browse what I have to offer:



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Photos in montage by Yura Timoshenko, Charles Forerunner, Atul Vinayak (respectively) at Unsplash.