The Baby boar who didn't like metaphor

words by Todd Mei

© 2020


A baby boar trotted home from school 

thinking about the lessons he was told to review.


There was one idea he did not think worth keeping, 

it was a thing called metaphor that is used when speaking.


A metaphor, so he was told by his teacher, 

uses words to compare as their artistic main feature.



Consider the phrase “peaches and cream”.

It’s a metaphor when compared to something that’s supreme!


Was it your day in the sun? Or time spent with friends?

Was it just so much fun you hoped it would never end?


Or maybe you are having a really bad day, 

you’re grumpy and tired and don’t want to play.


Your friends or your parents could have very well said

that you have woken up on the wrong side of the bed!



But with the lesson, the baby board was not happy. 

He thought metaphor was just a bit too yappy.